Tango Lyrics

Ever wondered how good RNNs (Recursive Neuronal Networks) could generate Argentine Tango lyrics?

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) are able to generate a temporal or sequential outcome based on previous information, ie, previous characters, notes or pixel information. It’s not surprising you will find them being used in generative applications such as music and text. I decided to get my feet wet using by creating a “poem” generator based on all Tango songs at http://www.todotango.com.

One knob we can tweak in RNNs is a parameter called “temperature”. Basically, the lower the temperature, the more predictable it is, i.e., the less creative. As you increase this value, you will find it gets more creative, to the point of not knowing how to spell..

Pick your creativity level! (higher is more)

Bruno Afonso Written by:

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