About me

My academic research has always been quantitative driven with a special passion for microscopy which led me to customize microscopes as well as to develop various software for image acquisition and data analysis.

I am passionate about tackling challenging problems with no known obvious solutions. In the first half of my academic life I studied and engineered unicellular bacteria and eukaryotes. My love for non-linear systems led me to work on behavioural neuroscience of small animals peering into living neurons of fruity flies.

This is me

In my spare time I dance, DJ and organize Argentine Tango events. Ever since moving to northern Canada I have been exploring the beautiful landscape and enjoying the snow and the countless kilometers of groomed trails nearby.


  • Post-doctoral research in behavioral neuroscience, Harvard/HHMI Janelia
  • PhD in Systems Biology, Harvard University
  • Bsc/B.Eng. in Biological Engineering
Bruno Afonso Written by:

Bruno is trying to find his raison d'ĂȘtre in life.